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GRAPPLE officially over

Posted by Admin at Feb 08, 2011 09:25 PM |

After three years of hard work the GRAPPLE project has officially come to an end!

The project was unofficially closed during the successful GRAPPLE public event. Now the project is in rounding off, meaning that we need to do our reporting and work towards the review that will be held at the end of March. As a final conclusion to the project the finalized deliverables that have been created during the final year will be released and the software that has been created will be made public with an open source license.


Even though the formal project closing is still in the (near) future, it is clear that GRAPPLE was a successful project. The project brings forth new technology and a robust new adaptive framework that can be used within virtually any LMS. It also provides plenty of leads for the future and the basis of exiting new research programs.


If  you are interested in the results of this project, please stay tuned to this website!

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